About “Human Life”

“We support businesses that are invested in helping to improve society. Our aim is to prevent a significant drop in Japan’s national productivity, which is beginning to take place as a result of its declining population.”

Hiring Process


To start applying for jobs, register with us.
Once you have registered and created your profile, companies can also contact you.

Job Search

Next, look for a job where you can make use of your skills.
You can search for jobs based on criteria such as location and salary.


Then, simply click the Apply button.
With these three easy steps, companies can access your information and consider you for positions. You can also ask companies questions.



My Page

Manage your resumé / personal information

You can check the status of your job application on this page. The more you improve your resume, the better the chance companies will contact you.
Make sure to list your best qualities to attract interest.

Employment Support

We are pleased to offer employment and respond to your questions. We can help you to understand any differences between countries, customs and cultures.

Resumé Support

The first step to securing a position is preparing a strong resumé

Career Advice

We will send you information about jobs that fit into your career

For Employers

There are too few people looking for work! The cost of employing someone is too high!

Would you like to directly search for skillful employees at low cost?
You can directly approach the prospective employee.

You can search through our entire database of excellent foreign talent for only 30,000 JPY per month.

Our database has a large number of jobseekers, with many from Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.

Q: Is there a charge for viewing job information?
A: You can see it for free.

Q: How can I apply for job placement?
A: You can register as a member and apply from each job information.

Q: Can I register my resume?
A: Yes you can. Please click “Register resume” from the menu.

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