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Life Group works on its social mission by solving social issues through businesses.

Revitalizing the Japanese economy by hiring foreign workers.

Due to the declining birthrate and aging population, soon one third of the population will officially be elderly. Economic contraction as a result of the population decline has already begun. Now is the time to be proactive about hiring foreign workers to revitalize Japan’s workforce.

We serve as an example of a firm bringing exceptional personnel to Japan.
We also strive to help workers trained in Japan to succeed professionally in their own or other countries.
We aim to get more foreign workers hired in order to accomplish our social mission of strengthening Japan through the revitalization of its working environment.


2-2-24 Higashi-Shinagawa
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tennozu Central Tower, 18th floor

Tokyo Monorail: 2-minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station
Rinkai Line: 3-minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station

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Human Life is a website to help those who are looking for new professional opportunities. We offer our users job opportunities in a variety of fields.

It’s to create a brighter future for our users. We encourage you to take the leap!
We offer international opportunities for our users to gain meaningful experience and make great strides toward professional success.

・For those looking for a position that will help them develop their professional skills
・For those unsure of what kind of position would help them get ahead in their career
・For those who have worked abroad in the past but did not find themselves in an ideal environment
If any of these apply to your current situation, our website is for you.

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We only post listings from companies that have passed our stringent evaluation criteria. These companies are also using our website to make the most of the opportunities we provide to help them succeed. These companies have a record of hiring internationally, have a sizeable foreign workforce, and have clearly indicated that adding foreign staff is key to their strategy for expanding their business.

We do not share personal information such as name, picture, and contact details. Companies can see information such as your academic record, work history, personal statement, qualifications, and language skills, but we will not make any information available that will allow them to identify you. Personal information is released only when we receive a request from a specific company for such information and after we obtain your consent to do so.

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